Basket of Alphabet Letters

I’ve been remiss on posting for awhile (slacker). I should have actually posted this project in the spring…

For FIRST BIRTHDAY presents I made some alphabet letters. Two of my friends were having first birthdays for their daughters, I had lots of extra fabric, and voila. Fantastic gift. Soft enough to put in their mouths without breaking, they can throw them around, and easy to put away, and as they continue to grow, they can start to spell words out on the floor as they learn:


I was ambitious enough to do UPPER and LOWER case as well.


Key necklace

Who wants to be creative with me? I’ll post any additional projects I do of course!In college I worked in Residental Life for a bit, and since they knew I was crafty they gave me a bunch of the old skeleton keys that they were getting rid of. They’ve sat around forever and I finally decided to do something with them…or at least with one of them:

Key NecklaceI still have a whole bunch of keys. Who wants to be creative with me? I’ll post any additional projects I do of course! Any ideas what to do with the rest???

Photo Coasters!

I’ve been remiss at adding any projects. I apologize (yes, all the normal excuses-work is crazy, travel, etc). Also, I couldn’t post these until after I actually gave them to my stepmom for her birthday (this month) and my mom’s birthday as well (March).

As I posted before, coasters make fantastic gifts. Wanted to share the photo ones I did for presents. These are pets past and present, so they’re significant to my family. I took originally color photos and made them black and white (little classier).

Pet Coasters

Sage, Cleo, Petunia, Ziggy, Sandy, Mattie


For my mom I used family photos so I’ll share a couple on here as well…


My brother and me


Me and my mom

Coasters! Dog and Cat Silhouettes

For Christmas (yes, this is a crazy late post but not everyone got their presents right away and I couldn’t post it on here and have people see beforehand now could I?) I did dog and cat silhouette coasters for everyone (of course depending on what furry critters they had at  home). Now, these also make great presents otherwise, and I’ll post in a bit some that I did with photographs as well. Takes a little time, but otherwise not too expensive…

Animal Silhouette Coasters

To see more how to….

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Fabric covered closet shelves

So this project has been awhile coming…the closet in my art/craft room is very small (22″ x 26″) and previously only had the very top shelf, so it was a pain to store things in there (i.e. everything was stacked on top of everything else which means nothing can be used). So finally, we put up shelves, getting the shelves themselves cut from plywood at Home Depot. Instead of leaving the wood or painting it, which would take forever, I opted to use some extra fabric and cover them, adding some color to the closet. And nicely, if we don’t want the shelves and wanted it as a regular closet again to hang clothes, the shelves can easily be taken down…

Fabric covered shelves

Fabric covered shelves

For more info….

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