Fleece Blanket Presents!

Every year I make my co-workers gifts for all or part of their presents for the holidays. Last year I did the coasters (see posting from last year of cat/dog silhouette coasters). This year…. FLEECE BLANKETS.

Basic materials: fleece blankets (purchased at a brick and mortar store), embroidery thread, and felt! Basically every time we were sitting on the couches watching TV, I’d work on them.

I wish I had pictures of all of them (I think it was eighteen total), but of course I didn’t remember until I gave them to everyone!

Photo Coasters!

I’ve been remiss at adding any¬†projects. I apologize (yes, all the normal excuses-work is crazy, travel, etc). Also, I couldn’t post these until after I actually gave them to my stepmom for her birthday (this month) and my mom’s birthday as well (March).

As I posted before, coasters make fantastic gifts. Wanted to share the photo ones I did for presents. These are pets past and present, so they’re significant to my family. I took originally color photos and made them black and white (little classier).

Pet Coasters

Sage, Cleo, Petunia, Ziggy, Sandy, Mattie


For my mom I used family photos so I’ll share a couple on here as well…


My brother and me


Me and my mom

Coasters! Dog and Cat Silhouettes

For Christmas (yes, this is a crazy late post but not everyone got their presents right away and I couldn’t post it on here and have people see beforehand now could I?) I did dog and cat silhouette coasters for everyone (of course depending on what furry critters they had at¬† home). Now, these also make great presents otherwise, and I’ll post in a bit some that I did with photographs as well. Takes a little time, but otherwise not too expensive…

Animal Silhouette Coasters

To see more how to….

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