Coasters! Dog and Cat Silhouettes

For Christmas (yes, this is a crazy late post but not everyone got their presents right away and I couldn’t post it on here and have people see beforehand now could I?) I did dog and cat silhouette coasters for everyone (of course depending on what furry critters they had at  home). Now, these also make great presents otherwise, and I’ll post in a bit some that I did with photographs as well. Takes a little time, but otherwise not too expensive…

Animal Silhouette Coasters

To see more how to….


-black scrapbooking paper (or whatever you want for the silhouettes)

-white tiles (Home Depot)

-small felt round backers for coasters that stick on (Home Depot)- 4 per coaster, one for each corner


-EnviroTex Light Pour On High Gloss Finish (I picked this up at Menards, one box 32 ounces lasts for A LOT) (this is what cost the most out of all the materials, but it will last for a ton of coasters, I used maybe half on 40 coasters?, so you get to spread that cost out)

-something to put under the tiles to protect your workspace (otherwise you WILL end up with the Envirotex on it which is hard to get off, don’t spill it!)

Tiles again

So first I cut out my silhouettes and modpodged them on to the tiles, which just be careful, some paper does bleed a little. Let that dry and come back the next day for the rest. If you just use ModPodge it is NOT enough to water proof them! They are NOT set to use!

Then mix the Envirotex (a small plastic cup full at a time, don’t mix it all at once, and if you follow the directions, it comes out great, I used plastic cups and plastic knife for mixing.), Pour a little onto each coaster (this is the part where it is really important to have your work space covered). I used the plastic knife to spread it out a bit to all of the corners as well.

Very important to blow gently per the directions or you’ll end up with some small bubbles on the surface! Let them sit for 72 hours before you try to give them out to people. This surface is what is used on bartops, etc. Much more waterproof and durable than ModPodge alone! Then just attach your felt circles (they stick on well) and you are set!

Boston Terrier Coaster


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