Dog Paintings 2017

I did several custom dog paintings this year, although mostly this fall/winter. Hopefully 2018 will be a little more consistent since I’m not absorbed with learning all about a new baby šŸ™‚



Fleece Blanket Presents!

Every year I make my co-workers gifts for all or part of their presents for the holidays. Last year I did the coasters (see posting from last year of cat/dog silhouette coasters). This year…. FLEECE BLANKETS.

Basic materials: fleece blankets (purchased at a brick and mortar store), embroidery thread, and felt! Basically every time we were sitting on the couches watching TV, I’d work on them.

I wish I had pictures of all of them (I think it was eighteen total), but of course I didn’t remember until I gave them to everyone!

Dog Sweater Fix-up

So PetSmart was a little low on the dog sweater/jacket options lately, and our dog being a Boston Terrier gets a little chilly in the Minnesota cold,Ā but I couldn’t pass up this skull and cross bones sweater…

Dog Sweater Original 1 Dog Sweater Original 2

While fantastic, these are a little more difficult to put on than something with velcro, and it didn’t fit as well as I liked (too long for our dog). So I opted to cut it up, add some fleece to theĀ undersideĀ and Velcro:

Dog Sweater fleece

Now, easy to throw on him when going out in the chilly weather!

Skull and Crossbones dog sweater