Baby Footprint and Handprint Kitchen Towels (footprint art!)

So I’ve been super remiss on posting at all this whole year! And what a year it has been. Our little man is 11 months old and I’ll be honest, until August I really didn’t do much art OR crafts (baby life)…. but for Christmas presents we got on the bandwagon of footprint and handprint gifts. Horray for Pinterest ideas! We did kitchen tea towels for the grandparents and parents…

Some were plain foot prints, others I converted into birds, etc.


  1. Kitchen tea towels (Amazon pack)
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. soft sponge brushes (Michael’s)
  4. Paint brushes to add in details
  5. clipboard and extra clip
  6. piece of cardboard
  7. baby wipes!

Basically he was awesome in his highchair with some food to distract. I set up the towel on the clip board, inserted a piece of cardboard under the first layer to prevent soaking through, and a clip at the bottom to keep in place. Then painted his foot with the soft sponge brush and made a print bringing the clipboard up to his foot! Was able to clean his foot easily with baby wipes and then some water and paper towels. After they were all dry (and the little man was napping) I could go back in with the other details!

Besides Christmas gifts these can make great gifts for grandparents for birthdays or Mother’s day…

Baby Room Pillow

Onward with baby room/nursery projects. We have less than 4 weeks left (+/- since you can’t predict!) so we’re finishing up the room! (And I’m finishing up my crafty parts of it). For the recliner (amazing and so comfortable), I wanted an accent pillow…and my husband wanted green. Thus with some scrap fabric, made a fantastic pillow cover that I can take off and wash and brings a couple different greens into the room! And yes, the painting in the background I did as well- Lava Lake, Big Sky, Montana.

Basket of Alphabet Letters

I’ve been remiss on posting for awhile (slacker). I should have actually posted this project in the spring…

For FIRST BIRTHDAY presents I made some alphabet letters. Two of my friends were having first birthdays for their daughters, I had lots of extra fabric, and voila. Fantastic gift. Soft enough to put in their mouths without breaking, they can throw them around, and easy to put away, and as they continue to grow, they can start to spell words out on the floor as they learn:


I was ambitious enough to do UPPER and LOWER case as well.