Fabric covered closet shelves

So this project has been awhile coming…the closet in my art/craft room is very small (22″ x 26″) and previously only had the very top shelf, so it was a pain to store things in there (i.e. everything was stacked on top of everything else which means nothing can be used). So finally, we put up shelves, getting the shelves themselves cut from plywood at Home Depot. Instead of leaving the wood or painting it, which would take forever, I opted to use some extra fabric and cover them, adding some color to the closet. And nicely, if we don’t want the shelves and wanted it as a regular closet again to hang clothes, the shelves can easily be taken down…

Fabric covered shelves

Fabric covered shelves

For more info….

Here’s the pre with almost everything cleared out….

Pre shelvesSeriously, little storage use!!!

The shelves installed (supplies from Home Depot)…

Art closet in progress

After fabric… (I just measured out two rectangles of fabric with couple extra inches for sewing room, sewed the three sides, slipped it on, and then hand stitched the back closed).

Fabric covered shelves 1 Fabric covered shelves 2

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