Fleece Blanket Presents!

Every year I make my co-workers gifts for all or part of their presents for the holidays. Last year I did the coasters (see posting from last year of cat/dog silhouette coasters). This year…. FLEECE BLANKETS.

Basic materials: fleece blankets (purchased at a brick and mortar store), embroidery thread, and felt! Basically every time we were sitting on the couches watching TV, I’d work on them.

I wish I had pictures of all of them (I think it was eighteen total), but of course I didn’t remember until I gave them to everyone!

Christmas Bags!

Yes, tis the season, so most of these posts will be centered around Christmas. Each year I do small presents at work for everyone, and decided to make the gift bags this year versus buying some. I had an unused set of plain white gift bags from Michael’s and used stamps that I made years ago- the wreath. Then I happened to have “to:” and “from:” stamps. Since I like things to be reusable, I put the names on red scrapbook paper and put them on with tape so they can go ahead and reuse the bags again!

Christmas gift bag

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Christmas Wreath #2

So making an upcycled Christmas wreath is pretty easy, and they turn out really well (inexpensive easy holiday decoration!). I made a compliment to my first wreath so I have two outside my door. All the materials except for the wire frame and florist wire (from Michael’s) came from ArtScraps (that I mentioned in my previous post). The material for the second wreath cost maybe $2.

Twin Wreaths

BUT then I showed my husband’s grandma, and she had me make one for her as well:

Christmas Wreath 3