Shell Bar/Serving Tray


What to do with extra shells?

I’m somewhat of a packrat in that I tend to keep things for potential craft projects. Well, I had collected shells ever since I was younger and I’m sure plenty of you have collected shells on vacation. What to do with them? Repurpose them into something useful and fantastic looking- a shell serving tray. I made two at the same time as gifts.

I will admit, not the cheapest gift, since you end up using a LOT of EnviroTex to seal the shells in. However, it is unique and turns out well.

How to….:

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Soccer Jersey Throw Quilt


Great use for old soccer uniforms! I had played soccer up through high school so had  several of the old jerseys in the basement and had awhile ago cut them up…well the project is finally finished and it is a comfy throw!