Basket of Alphabet Letters

I’ve been remiss on posting for awhile (slacker). I should have actually posted this project in the spring…

For FIRST BIRTHDAY presents I made some alphabet letters. Two of my friends were having first birthdays for their daughters, I had lots of extra fabric, and voila. Fantastic gift. Soft enough to put in their mouths without breaking, they can throw them around, and easy to put away, and as they continue to grow, they can start to spell words out on the floor as they learn:


I was ambitious enough to do UPPER and LOWER case as well.


Birthday Cards!

I made all the birthday cards for my staff and coworkers for the year by the end of January¬†(yes, sometimes I am a bit over prepared but I don’t want to get busy and miss someone’s birthday!). Since we work in the veterinary industry, the cards this year are of course animal themed, and related to their personal pets. I can share two so far since their birthdays have come and gone. But I’ll be sure to post more as the year goes on.

You can make some fun cards with silhouettes…and super easy to make- cards from Michael’s, scrapbook paper, some letter stamps…Boone the BeagleMaddie the Golden