Shell Bar/Serving Tray


What to do with extra shells?

I’m somewhat of a packrat in that I tend to keep things for potential craft projects. Well, I had collected shells ever since I was younger and I’m sure plenty of you have collected shells on vacation. What to do with them? Repurpose them into something useful and fantastic looking- a shell serving tray. I made two at the same time as gifts.

I will admit, not the cheapest gift, since you end up using a LOT of EnviroTex to seal the shells in. However, it is unique and turns out well.

How to….:

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Christmas Wreath, reused materials

So there is this great little art store that essentially has tons of art scraps nearby me, thus the name, ArtScraps. Well, I wanted to make a wreath and had a wire frame so I stopped by there, and picked up some remnant supplies- i.e. pinecones, some thin green garland for fill-in, and ornaments.