Easy Valentine’s Day Cards

I’ve tended to save old cards to reuse the pieces for making new ones. All you need for these cut-out cards is a set of blank cards (such as purchased at Michael’s or other craft stores), an exacto knife, tape, glue stick, and some paper (I used some other card pieces for the color and some photo scraps).


Start with a blank card and cut out your design with the exacto knife.

010 015

Then tape in your paper pieces or whatever else you have for the colors.

016 021018

To cover all the pieces I used a colored piece of paper (scrapbook paper) and used the glue stick to attach (do NOT use actual glue as you will get weird marks on the front of your card which will make you sad after all of your hard work!). I also used type that I cut out from old cards for the inside as well…


052 Easy cards done!

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