More handprint crafts…TRIVETS!

In addition to the handprint towels for presents, we also made some trivets! I bought tiles at Home Depot, and finished them with felt squares on the back and EnviroTex Light Pour on High Gloss Finish.


  1. White tiles from HomeDepot
  2. acrylic paint
  3. sponge brushes
  4. brushes for details
  5. felt squares
  6. hot glue gun
  7. EnviroTex Pour On High Gloss Finish

Again, seated him in his high chair as he is super entertained in there with some food! Did all the prints, then went in with the details. Used the envirotex (see previous posting on coasters as well) and covered the back with felt squares (had picked up somewhere a stack of these already precut). Perfect unique trivets!