Art Room Started!

So we recently moved, and I have a whole art room for myself. Thus, here is the start. It is a work in progress. But after browsing Pinterest, I decided I needed my own large art table.

Art Room

I already had two shelves that were 3 x 3 shelving so I got a piece of melamine board cut at Home Depot for the topĀ (btw they are crazy nice and helpful there and insisted on helping me get it into my car- but measure before you get there to make sure your board will fit!! I taped some cardboard to size just to make sure and tested that)


DSCF0681I bought some glass jars at Goodwill to help with the organizing (all my stamps are in one). One side of the table storage is mostly sewing, the other art/craft supplies). Now the next step for the table is ironing on the melamine siding.

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